What To Give A Cat For Constipation

Stool Softener For Cats
Stool Softener For Cats

What to Give a Cat for Constipation – It is very sad for the cat owners when their cats have constipation. Constipation is one of common health problems that your cat may have. Your cat is constipated when its stool is too hard or large to be passed. You can also see the signs from its litter box when there is nothing much in there or when its poop is hard and dry. In this article, you will find out more about the causes, what to give a cat for constipation and the treatment.

Causes your cat having constipation

These are several causes that can cause your cat having constipation. They are including :

  • GI motility problems
  • Dehydration
  • Mega colon
  • Painful defecation because of the fracture of your cat’s hind limb or pelvis, impacted anal glands and arthritis
  • Neurologic problems or orthopedic
  • Obstruction of the colon caused by a hernia, tumor or foreign object

So far, the most familiar cause of cat’s constipation is the lack of fluid intake. The food of your cats may only contain 10 to 13 percent of the moisture that they need. That makes them dehydrated which is the ultimate reason they will get constipation.

What To Give A Cat For Constipation
What To Give A Cat For Constipation

If your cats lack of moisture their kidney will become stressed and their stools will turn hard and dry. It will make your cat having a painful stool to pass. So, it means that enough water is one of the important things of what to give a cat for constipation.

What to Give a Cat for Constipation

If your cat doesn’t have enough exercise and also overweight, they will have a problem called exacerbated. Training your cat to stimulate their contraction of rhythmic muscle or called as peristalsis in the colon can help the things inside their body to GI tract.

And the real fact is many housecats have a little bit unhealthy lifestyles including not having enough movement and eating the food too much. That’s why an adequate exercise can help your cat not only to be in a healthy shape but also to avoid him to have constipation.

Cat Constipation Treatment
Cat Constipation Treatment

Treatment For Constipating Cat

There are several what to give a cat for constipation and treatments you can do to help your constipating cat. If your cat has already enough exercise and moisture, you need the help of a vet to search for the root of the problem. A blood work, physical examination and analysis of urine are importantly needed to identify the cause of your cat’s constipation even though he already lives a healthy lifestyle. The other suggestions for you to do are :

  • Add some water to your cat’s food to help lubricate his colon
  • Add aloe vera juice to your cat’s diet since there are benefits including natural laxative from it. But you should consult it first to your vet
  • Train your cat to have enough exercise
  • Add a pinch of coconut fiber or psyllium in your cat’s meal

Try to talk with your vet about natural therapies that your cat can have like chiropractic or acupuncture. Both of these natural therapies can be very advantageous to treat pets with constipation. We hope that this article will help you to figure out what to give a cat for constipation. Don’t forget the two important keys which are water and exercise to keep your cat away from constipation. Good luck!