Using Clavamox For Cats UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Treatment

Using Feline Clavamox Tablets to Treat Urinary Tract Infection
Using Feline Clavamox Tablets to Treat Urinary Tract Infection

Using Clavamox For Cats UTI – Many of us provide Clavamox tablets as the best treatment for urinary tract infection, instead of taking cat injections. Cat pills, however, can be difficult to give to your cat. Unlike pills, you can add Clavamox For Cats UTI treatment tablet to their food for an easier treatment option. Clavamox is known as the leading medicine to treat various infections of urinary tract.

What Is Clavamox?

Clavamox contains the combination of antibiotic amoxicillin and the lactamase inhibitor clavulanate potassium. The combination in this medicine makes Clavamox exist in the acidic condition in your cat’s gastrointestinal tract without being dissolved and digested naturally. In addition, the amoxicillin in Clavamox help cat eliminate the bacteria in the urinary tract.

Using Clavamox For Cats UTI Treatment

It is important to know that it is a prescription drug. It means that you only can get Clavamox For Cats UTI if you consult to your vet. If you see that your cats are difficult to urinate, does not want to urinate or the urine has unusual colors and smell, it is better to take him to vet. Your vet will diagnose your cat immediately. In fact, Urinary tract infection is harmful and dangerous if you did not treat your cat.

After diagnosing your cat with UTI, your vet can recommend the antibiotic, like Clavamox. For the dosage, it depends on the weight of your cat. Most vets recommend two doses of the medicine for your cat every day up to 2 weeks.

Clavamox is bitter and unpleasant for cats. Therefore, it is not surprising if your cat found it as others. It is okay if you want to grind up the dose and then mix it with your cat’s food. On the contrary, if you administer the drug to your cat, make sure that he consumes all the Clavamox. If there is any failure, it can interrupt the progression of the treatment. In another word, it can bring other problem; antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which means that it is going to be more difficult to deal with the bacteria.

Clavamox And The Side Effects

In rare cases, some cat owners reported Clavamox since it could cause an allergic reaction. Even though it only came out in a small percentage, it also can interact negatively if your cats are consuming other drugs or nutritional supplements.

Using Clavamox For Cats UTI
Using Clavamox For Cats UTI

Therefore, it is better for you to tell your vet of all medicines you go for your cat in his system before starting a Clavamox treatment. The best thing you can do if you do not have any idea about your cat is that to watch him. It is important so you can easily know any signs of the allergic reaction. During the treatment, you should be there with your cat to see other side effects. There are some common side effects related to Clavamox in cats as below :

1.    Diarrhea and vomiting
2.    Fungal or yeast infection
3.    Drowsiness or lethargy

However, it is still unknown that Clavamox for cats side effects loss of appetite. If you see your cat losses of appetite during the treatment, you should talk to your vet immediately.

Clavamox For Cats UTI treatment is an effective solution to reduce the bacteria that brings the urinary tract infection and other skin infections. You should not give this treatment for pregnant cats. Any vomiting and diarrhea happen to your cat which more than two days, keep going with the medicine based on the schedule, but consult with your vet first to get more advice.