Otodectes Cynotis is the common type of ear mites in cats. It can grow in cats’ ear with its tiny and eight-legged body. Actually, there are several types of these parasites. They feed on the wax as well as the oils in all cats’ ear canal. The life cycle of a single mite is about three weeks. Even the parasite is visible. Ear mite medicine for cats is crucial since it causes irritation, inflammation, infection […]

Curing mites requires you to be patient and quick, especially about how to cure ear mites in cats. Ear mites in cats can be detected if you find your cat scratching its ear frequently, even the scratching can cause scar or wound. It is mandatory to know what you should do if your cats have ear mites. Immediate response and medication can save your cat from mites’ attack and prevent them to jump into another […]