Do you have a plan to use humane traps for cats? Well, you should have the right way by following the instruction. If you are using a trap, the best thing you should do at the first time is to meet your vet. Make sure that your vet knows that you use stitches that can dissolve, or do not need removal and the feral cat is wild. Before starting, you need a preparation to do […]

Removing cats claws is a serious action that may bring something bad for your cat. If you want to do this, please take few minutes to read this information to help you take any decision. So, removing her claws is an American thing. It is something that people do just to get their convenience and they do not realize what actually occurs to their cat. England declawing means “inhumane” as well as “unimportant mutilation”. In […]

Pill shooter for cats medicine can be the greatest way to complete the treatment for your cat. It works when other methods did not. Okay, just assume that you can try another method like crushing the pill, and then mixing it with wet cat food, but your cat is a smart pet. She has a great sense of smell. Eventually, she can easily identify that you have put something there. When you try to all […]

Trifexis for cats is used to prevent the heartworm disease, to treat and control roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. You can take Trifexis to eliminate fleas and to prevent the flea infestations. The medicine can be useful if you want to prevent the infections of roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and fleas. However, the medicine is effective if you can give it properly according to the instructions from your vet. Keep in mind that you should only give […]

When your cats pee anywhere in your house, they use their urine to mark their territory. Their urine is rich in strong-smelling proteins and the scents can be difficult to remove. If you clean it, it can wet the crystallized proteins. Therefore, it will reactivate the odor. Because their urine is stressful to remove, the solution is how to stop cats from peeing everywhere. To solve the problem, the key point is the reason why […]

It can be allergies when your cat scratches in every spring incessantly. It is not good to go with the repeated steroid treatments. Therefore, it is better for you to find the cause of the allergic. If you can find it, surely you have the right medication to reduce the allergies so your cats are healthy and happy. It is good to consider the allergy test for cats. Elimination Diet Trial Test – Allergy Test […]

Perhaps you do not know that many kittens and puppies are born with different parasites they got from their mother. If you want to prevent the parasites take the life of your kittens, Pyrantel Pamoate For Cats can be the solution to start the treatment. The medicine works to deworm the parasites. Most vets recommend the drug for the first few months of the cat’s life. It is one of the antiparasitic drugs to paralyze […]

Petarmor is a topical application for cats and kittens at age 8 weeks or older. Sergeant’s is the company who produces the medicine as the fast and lasting method to control ticks, fleas, as well as chewing lice. Below, we are going to provide you the complete Petarmor for cats review. Petarmor contains fipronil (9.7%) and inert ingredients (90.3%). It is a fast and effective application that is easy-to-use and waterproof if you want to […]

Best Slow Feeder For Cats – Most cat owners on Earth have the same problem about their cat; how to deal with overweight kitties and finicky felines. The best solution at this time is Slow Feeder For Cats. It is because the feeders can regulate their eating habits. However, there are many kinds of a feeder. Therefore, you should pick the right ones for your cat needs. It is also not easy to find the […]

Cerenia For Cats, known as Maropitant Citrate tablets can be the effective treatment to prevent and control acute vomiting. Besides, the drug is also effective to prevent any onset of vomiting because of the motion sickness, especially in dogs. The administration of the drug is for oral use in dogs, not cats. You should administer the tablet orally at the minimum dose of 0.9mg per lb of body weight once daily and continue it for […]

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