Strongid For Cats The Things You Must Know About The Drug

What You Need To Know First About Strongid For Cats
What You Need To Know First About Strongid For Cats

Perhaps, your vet recommended you to administer Strongid to help your cat and now you have some questions about the drug. If you wonder about the overview, the side effects, and the dosage information, you can read on this post. Strongid is a drug to combat tapeworm in cat and learn how it can treat your cat.

Strongid For Cats – Overview

It is a brand of Pyrantel Pamoate as a common drug used by vet to deal with certain infectious parasites in cats and dogs. It can deal with paralyzing or eradicate the parasite altogether, completely. It works through the immune system. It can release their grip in the cat’s intestines. There are some alternative brands such as RFD Liquid Wormer, Drontal, and Nemex. These drugs are available over the counter in America. However, you should not use these drugs without a help of your vet. You can choose a solid pill or syrup for these drugs.

Strongid For Cats – How It Work

Your vet may prescribe you Strongid if your cat has roundworms or hookworms in her body. These parasites infect your cat when she picked them from soil. You must know some symptoms such as infections that damage her health. Roundworm also leads to small lesions while hookworms affect her appearance and eating habits.

Diarrhea and constipation are also the part of the symptoms. In addition, these infections also affect humans. Therefore, it is better for you to take an immediate help to make sure that it does not spread to your family member, especially young children.

Strongid For Cats
Strongid For Cats

In fact, even young kittens are born with the similar internal parasites. Therefore, we recommend you to consult with your vet about using Strongid especially at the incipient stage of her life. A kitten may have many worms when she is born just because her mom got the infection during the pregnancy. Mostly, Strongid is used for young cats, but it also a good treatment for adult pets with less risk. Again, kittens can pick up parasites easily so you have to de-worm your cat regularly with your vet.

Strongid For Cats Buy And When To Use It

Strongid For Cats come with a small risk of side effects. If your kitten has a serious infection with a high amount of worms in her intestine, likely she will develop a bit of a bulge because it is the part of the reaction of losing the worms. However, if you see that your cat is not well, it is better not to use Strongid, especially if there is no evidence about why she is ill. It is also not good to use if your cat has sensitivity and allergic to the dru.

There are some side effects such as constipation, sickness, and diarrhea. You should take your cat to the vet if you see the intensity of the reaction is unusual. It is important to know that Strongid is only a mild medication.

We recommend you to call your vet before giving Strongid For Cats. It is because if you make your decision without your vet, you may be incorrect. Once you took a wrong decision, it is dangerous for your cat. Your vet can prescribe you Strongid to help your cat with the specific dosage based on her circumstance.