Ringworm Treatment For Cats

Ringworm Medicine For Cats
Ringworm Medicine For Cats

Ringworm Treatment For Cats is important when your cats get the fungal infection around their hair, skin, and nails. Ringworm or dermatophytosis that is contagious to others like dogs and humans. In humans, the infection is a rare case. It is important to aware of the symptoms, transmission as well as the treatment.

The Transmission

How do indoor cats get ringworm? It is because their environment, equipment, furniture, and other things in your home is infected.

Diagnosing The Ringworm

It is not easy to diagnose a ringworm. There are several methods should be applied. One effective method is using a specialized black light named a Wood’s lamp. When you turn the light on, the ringworm fungus glows a fluorescent color. It is because some species has this glowing feature, but others do not. Thus, if you do it by yourself, it can lead to a false result. Another way to identify the ringworm is to pluck hairs and check the periphery of the lesion under the microscope.

If the skin and coat of your cats perform a fungal culture, identify the infection by collecting the crust and scales. Your vet uses a toothbrush to collect the scales and hair as the sample.

Before applying any Ringworm Treatment For Cats, diagnosing is important. For cats with ringworm, they need regular evaluation to make sure that the fungal infection does not bring more risks.

The Effective Treatments For Cats With Ringworm

For healthy cats or kittens with short hair and in small isolated lesions, a topical cream is the best treatment. The cream contains an antifungal such as thiabendazole or miconazole. Besides, they need healthy food with good nutrition. You must clean your house to make sure that other animals and homeowners are not infected.

Ringworm Treatment For Cats
Ringworm Treatment For Cats

For cats with more severe conditions, the combination of oral and topical treatments is the best choice. Most vets shave cats with long hair for an effective treatment. The infection can spread if the skin gets irritated when clipping.

Ringworm Treatment For Cats

The best topical treatment is lime sulfur dips, which has a bad odor and turn the coat to yellowish color temporarily. It is an effective treatment recommended by most vets. The alternative to the lime sulfur dips is miconazole shampoos and rinses or enilconazole.

Oral antifungal agents are good for cats with generalized lesions. It is the effective treatment for longhaired cats with infected nails. It is a good treatment when the therapy does not work.

The Prevention

Prevention is better before everything is too late. If you have indoor cats, it is better to be careful about bringing a new cat into your household. Keep in mind that all cats’ facilities can be the source of infection. It is important to sterilize all facilities before using it for other cats.

If you find the ringworm symptoms to your cats, the first thing you must do is isolating the cat and consulting your vet. During the Ringworm Treatment For Cats, you must wear gloves and wash your hands well afterward. See this one, Over the Counter Dewormer for Cats.