Revolution Cat Flea Medicine Topical Medication For Effective Protection

Revolution Cat Flea Medicine, known as Selamectin is quite easy to apply. It works for those who cannot use oral preventives for their cats. You should give this topical medication to your cats per month. Your cats need it as the five-in-one protection from heartworms, fleas, roundworms, ear mites, and hookworms.

How do you use it?

First, you should hold the tube upright and then press the cap down. When you hear the click of the cap, it punctures the applicator seal. You can remove the cap and the tip of the tube is open.

Second, you should apply it around the body of your cats, including the fur beneath the cat’s neck and then place the tube on the visible area of the skin. You should squeeze the tube about three to four times in one spot until it is empty.

Third, keep the tube squeezed and you can drag it away from the liquid. In addition, you can remove it by lifting up the tube. Make sure that the tube is empty. Use your regular household garbage to discard the tube.

Those are the three steps to apply for Revolution Cat Flea Medicine. However, it is important to note that you should repeat the steps from 1 to 3 in thirty days. It means that you should not miss the doses.

To make sure that your cat is safe during using this topical treatment, you should read this safety information.
It is better not to use Revolution, especially on weak, sick or underweight cats. You should only use it on cats about eight weeks and older.

About the side effects, there are several common side effects such as the digestive upset and the temporary hair loss at the application site. In fact, Revolution can lead irritation to eyes and skin. The most important is you should wash your hands after use.

Revolution Cat Flea Medicine Topical Medication

Revolution Cat Flea Medicine is safe for your cats. It is a simple topical medication to protect your cats. However, it is important to note that to get Revolution, you need a prescription from your vet. It works by penetrating the skin and then entering the bloodstream of your cats. The concentration of selamectin as the active ingredient will enter to the tissue as well as the bloodstream of your cat to prevent the heartworm disease.

In addition, selamectin redistributes into the skin of your cats from the bloodstream. That is why it is able to kill adult fleas, ear mites, American dog ticks and to prevent flea eggs from hatching. It also works as an anthelmintic to fight to expel parasitic worms. When the parasites feed on the cat’s blood, they ingest the drug. It is no problem for you to use to medicine for pregnant and lactating cats.

If your vet has prescribed Revolution, it is important to know that you should monitor your cats for eight hours. If your cats display any signs of staggering, dilated pupils, weakness, trembling, drooling as well as pressing their head against a wall, you should call your vet immediately.