Removing Cats Claws – Why You Should Not Do This

Removing cats claws is a serious action that may bring something bad for your cat. If you want to do this, please take few minutes to read this information to help you take any decision.

So, removing her claws is an American thing. It is something that people do just to get their convenience and they do not realize what actually occurs to their cat. England declawing means “inhumane” as well as “unimportant mutilation”. In this case, we do agree. Many European countries stated that removing cats claws, or declawing is illegal.

The Important Facts About Removing Cats Claws

Does declawing a cat hurt them? Well, it is not a manicure. Declawing, the way you remove the cats’ claw is serious surgery. The claw is not a toenail because it is adhered to the bone. It is an amputation of the toes. Therefore, removing her claws is inhumane. It hurts cat, it is a painful surgery, and it needs a painful recovery time. In that condition, your cat still have to use her feet to jump, walk, and scratch. At the same time, you do not know about her pain.

For all cats, claws are the crucial part of her body design. It means that when you are amputating this important part, of course it gives a serious problem of her feet. She loses her ability and agility of defense. Any predators are ready to catch her outdoors.

According to some reports, many cat owners found their cat’s personality changed right after removing cats claws. Even though, the medical community does not include it as the potential side effect.

Removing Cats Claws Alternatives

Declawing for some cat owners are a decision when they have a serious problem with household furnishings. There is an acceptable solution to go with, which is humane. There are some solutions available for cat scratching problems such as teaching your cat so she can use a scratching post. If you go with this option, the best choice is sisal posts. Another way you can do is to trim the front claws, not removing the claws. Alternatively, you can start aversion methods. The best solution you can tray is Soft Paws®.

Speaking of Soft Paws, this product is lightweight vinyl nail caps. You only have to glue it on her front claws. We think that it is a great solution especially if you have kids. It is also useful if you are too busy and you do not have any time to train your cat to use a scratching post. Soft Paws® is very easy to apply. It can last for four to six weeks. It comes in clear or colors for a more fun. If you do not know where to get Soft Paws®, you can call at 1-800-989-2542.

Now, you have some reasons why you cannot even removing cats claws. If you love your cat and you feel hurt when she got any pain, you should better re-think about your decision to remove her claws. There are still some effective solutions above to help your furniture from any scratches.