Pill Shooter For Cats – What Is It And How To Use

Pill shooter for cats medicine can be the greatest way to complete the treatment for your cat. It works when other methods did not. Okay, just assume that you can try another method like crushing the pill, and then mixing it with wet cat food, but your cat is a smart pet. She has a great sense of smell.

Eventually, she can easily identify that you have put something there. When you try to all out, just to make sure that she swallowed the pill, in the end, you only got scratches and bite marks here and there. Well, never be too late to realize that pill shooter for cats is an effective medication for your cat.

Pill Shooter For Cats – What Is That?

A pill shooter is a simple tool to let a tablet or capsule for cat medication to the back of the cat’s throat. This tool helps you to make sure that your cat swallowed the pill, not spit it back out. It is from three different parts, which are an inner plunger, a rubber tip (to hold the pill), as well as a long hollow housing.

In order to load the shooter, you can pull the plunger back and insert the pill to the rubber gripper tip.

How To Use Pet Piller For Cats

It is a simple tool, which is very easy to use. It works well if your cat cooperates. To use pet piller for cats, you should load the shooter with the pill. After that, you can hold your cat. Make sure that she cannot move away. Hold her in your lap and then insert the pet shooter in her mouth. On the contrary, if your cats fight against you, we think it is good to ask another person for a help.

Let the person catches the cat and gets down on the floor. Place the cat between his knees. At the same time, he should hold the scruff of the neck carefully with one hand and the head should point away. He should use another hand to hold the head up from the cat’s chin. You, as the second person, need to open the cat’s mouth and then insert the pill shooter to the back of the throat. After that, you should press the plunger down until the pill is in.

Then, you can close her mouth and stroke her throat carefully to support swallowing. You have to cover the cat’s nostrils by using your thumb for swallowing reflex. If you succeed, you should at home until you give the next pill. Nevertheless, you have to watch for her just to make sure that she did not sly and tuck the pill to the side of the mouth. You have to wait for a chance that she spits the pill out.

Things To Note About Pet Piller For Cats

Finally, that is all the essential step of using pill shooter for cats. Not all cats may appreciate these ways but this is important to apply an effective medication. You should not miss doses that will only bring something bad for your cat or you.