Petarmor For Cats Review – Is It Safe And Effective?

PetArmor for Cat Kills Fleas, Ticks & Chewing Lice
PetArmor for Cat Kills Fleas, Ticks & Chewing Lice

Petarmor is a topical application for cats and kittens at age 8 weeks or older. Sergeant’s is the company who produces the medicine as the fast and lasting method to control ticks, fleas, as well as chewing lice. Below, we are going to provide you the complete Petarmor for cats review.

Petarmor contains fipronil (9.7%) and inert ingredients (90.3%). It is a fast and effective application that is easy-to-use and waterproof if you want to control fleas, ticks and chewing lice on kittens and cats. If you follow the direction to use, it can stop the infestations of chewing lice, ticks and fleas. In addition, Petarmor can prevent the re-infestation on kitten and cats including lactating, pregnant, and breeding cats.

Petarmor For Cats Review – Cautions

Petarmor for cats can kill, control and prevent the infestation of newly emerged adult fleas to lay eggs, including fleas that can lead to flea allergy dermatitis. Besides, you can use it to deal with brown dog tick, American dog tick, deer tick, and lone star tick that can transmit Lyme disease for all stages. It is the effective solution to eliminate the chewing lice infestations. However, it contains the active ingredient, fipronil.

How To Use Petarmor

You should read the label carefully before using it. Follow the statements and the directions to use it. Keep in mind that it is only for cats. You cannot use it on rabbits as well as other animals.

It is only used as topical applications. Apply it as below :

  1. Remove the child resistant package based on the directions on the back of its sealed inner package in each pipette.
  2. Remove the tip of the pipette away from you.
  3. Part your cat’s hair and place the tip of the pipette to the skin between the shoulders and behind the neck. Make sure that the entire of application contains a single spot on the skin. Make sure that you squeeze the pipette thoroughly to apply the entire contents.

Avoid applying the product to the cat’s hair superficially. Use one pipette for each application. Avoid touching the area of the cat’s skin before the product is dry.

Petarmor For Cats Review – The Application

For Fleas :  Based on Petarmor for cats review, the product can kill the adult fleas for more than six weeks. If your kitten or cat is easy to get flea allergy dermatitis and she is potential to get the re-infestation risk, apply the product per month.

For Ticks : Each application can kill ticks for a month or longer. It is better to apply monthly to control ticks.

Petarmor For Cats Review
Petarmor For Cats Review

For Chewing Lice : Each application can kill the chewing lice for a month or longer. Apply per month to control chewing lice.

Avoid re-applying the product for cats in 30 days.

Even though you are bathing your cats, do not reapply the product. The product is still effective in this condition.

If you are calling for a poison control center, a vet, or a doctor or only for doing the treatment, make sure that you have the product container or the label with you. If your cat swallows the product, immediately call a poison control center or doctor to get the best advice and treatment. Those are all the important things you should know about Petarmor for cats review.