Science Diet Cat Food Recall – It was in the 1930s when Dr. Mark L. Morris created the Hill’s Science Diet. He is the vet who created the original food to help a service dog with the kidney failure. The dog was known as Buddy. Based on the advertisements, it is the no. 1 of pet food suggested by vets. The food helps good health for pets in all stages of life. It provides special […]

Walmart Cat Litter Box – Walmart can be your reliable place to find the right litter box. There are a lot of options available when it comes to cat litter box at Walmart with the clear information of the product descriptions, price, color options and size to meet your needs. Below, we have listed the best Walmart Cat Litter Box. 1. Petmate Booda Clean Step Litter Box The company provides it with different options and […]

Best Cat Food For Kidney Disease – After being diagnosed with kidney disease by your vet, there is nothing better than providing your cat with renal prescription diet. It is because based on some studies, the restricted protein diets is the effective solution to prolong the renal function. It doesn’t mean that your focus is on restricting the proteins in cat’s diets. This mindset makes you choose poor dietary, not the best cat food for […]

Mod cat litter box comes with a modern and sleek design. The litter box is what you need to keep the litter in the place. The enclosed design works best to deal with determined diggers. If you want to help your cats to have their privacy for their business and to prevent dogs from getting the same thing inside, it can be the right option. The litter box has a rooftop access as the door […]

Rolling Cat Litter Box – For a cat owner, there is nothing better than having a litter box that makes their life easier. Most of us have tried all styles from traditional manual to automatic with electrical outlet versions. Right now, they find the right answer that is by having rolling cat litter box. If you don’t have any outlet nearby, you can take the Litter Spinner for your cat. But, it seems not recommended […]

Some people love cats and consider choosing them as their pet because they are a clean creature. They spend most of their time only for grooming. They can cooperate with a litter box for their needs. But, if your cats start urinating outside the litter box, it can be the sign of a health problem. So, never take it as a simple behavioral problem. If you find that the litter box is finely placed, not […]

Best Wet Cat Food For Urinary Health – Urinary health is the most important part of caring your cat. If your cat has several signs of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), such as blood in urine, increased urination, straining in the litterbox, urine with the unusual spot and your cat licks the genitals excessively, it is the sign that you must see your vet immediately. The syndromes can be serious. There are some options […]

Best Cat Food For Hedgehogs – What do hedgehogs eat perhaps is your big question. Is it possible to give cat food for hedgehogs? Well, hedgehogs are insectivores, but they will take anything that is available. They can eat insects, frogs, fish, baby mice, slugs, eggs and even small snakes. They love fruits, too. It is a good pet to have because they are not picky when it comes to food. It is always recommended […]

Auto cat litter box cleaner can work automatically. It is a great thing to invest for your cat if you have no time to clean the litter box. There are a lot of models and types available for the self-cleaning litter box on the market. They have differences as well as similarities. How It Work? Most automatic cat litter boxes are designed with a rake to sift out and remove waste from its box. The […]