Keep Cat From Scratching Couch

Couch Protectors For Cats
Couch Protectors For Cats

How to Keep Cat from Scratching Couch? The main problem in cats is scratching the furniture in your home. This must be very annoying because your furniture will be damaged. Cats have sharp claws. Usually, the cat does love to scratch some of the objects in your home. This is one of the habits of a cat. This is a natural thing because the cat will scratch the object naturally. If the cat is scratching your furniture, then you can do some things below.

Use Unpleasant Sprays

You must determine the area that your cat frequently scratches. Usually, the cat will scratch the corner of the chair or sofa. You can make the furniture cannot be carded by using a thumbnail. You can use double-sided masking tape. Cat claws will stick in the chair. This makes your cat feel annoyed and not interested anymore to scratch the chair. You can also use herbal sprays to make your cat smell unpleasant from the chair. Sticky surface will make the cat feel annoyed. Cat claws have a high sensitivity to texture. The second option is herbal spray with a stinging smell for your cat. Maybe the spray cannot be seen by your eyes but can be felt by your cat. This is a practical solution to stop the cat from scratching the couch.

Keep Cat from Scratching Couch with Buy paint scratches

If your cat does not get a scratching spot, then your cat will definitely scratch the wooden furniture. This is the scientific instinct of the cat. You can use a board, furniture or post to make your cat scratch the object. You can use used furniture so your cat will not scratch the objects in your home.

Keep Cat from Scratching Couch
Keep Cat from Scratching Couch

You can make a pole made of cedar to be carded by your cat. Maybe your cat likes a soft carpet or sofa so you can add a board with a carpet mat for your cat. This is a cozy perch for your cat. Trees or posts can be used for scratching for your cat. You can put the pole in your cat’s playroom. These are simple tips to overcome Cat from Scratching Couch.

Remove the Cat’s Claws

Maybe this is a nasty act but it can reduce the damage to your furniture. You should trim the nails of the cat regularly. This is the best way to stop scratches on your couch. You can use a high-quality cutter. You can come to the cat salon to trim the claws. If your cat is rebelling, then you should hold the cat with a soft towel. The towel will make your cat comfortable. You can cover the claw with a soft glove so your cat will not move. This small step will eliminate the behavior to scratch the furniture in your home. Claw cutting is part of the daily care your cat should do. The claw will not hurt your body or your furniture.

You can try these three tips. The way it can definitely work well to overcome problems in your cat. Your furniture can be saved in a short time. Have a nice try of Keep Cat from Scratching Couch.