How To Keep A Cat From Spraying

How To Stop Cats From Peeing
How To Stop Cats From Peeing

How To Keep A Cat From Spraying – It is important to know why your cat has urine marking when you have trained her to use her litter box. If she continues marking at any place and she does not want to use the litter box, it is the sign of something goes wrong. It can be because she does not like the litter box (such as the location or the environment). Your focus should not on how to keep a cat from spraying, but why the cat has urine marking. In fact, urine marking can happen because some health issues such as urinary crystals or feline lower urinary tract disease, kidney stones, and bladder stones.

The Cat Spray

The spray means improper urination to mark territory. It happens to any age, even neutered cat spraying, gender, breed and the spray is more common with males compared to females. If your cat sprays around windows or doors, it can be the sign that there is a cat outside.

Why Cats Are Spraying And Marking?

There are some reason why your cat is spraying and marking. It can be because a physical cause that forces the cat for the behavior.

How To Keep A Cat From Spraying
How To Keep A Cat From Spraying

There are some possibilities such as urinary tract infection, stress, recent medical treatment, Feline leukemia virus, old age, FLUTD, diabetes, urinary tract, hyperthyroidism, and liver disease.

How To Keep A Cat From Spraying?

You can answer the question if you know the problems. Below are some possibilities you can do keep your cat from spraying :

  • There should be no problem with the litter box.
  • The litter box must be clean.
  • There should be enough boxes. If you have two cats, provide three litter boxes are recommended.
  • The location of the box should make your cat feels safe.
  • The litter box should not be too small, or too big. The box should make your cat comfortable. For a covered box, it should make your cat easy to enter.
  • If your cat urinates with a daily or weekly pattern, it can be because the environmental problem. If your cat always use litter box and suddenly urinate appropriately, it can be the sign of medical problem.
  • Most cats need unscented, fine-grained litter. If your cat changes the habit when you change the litter type, it can be because the new litter. If your cat shifts from the litter box to other places like porcelain sink, it can be because the cat is dealing with lower urinary tract disorder.
  • If the cat urinates outside the litter box, it can be because the cat does not comfort with the location. On the other hand, the cat has social problems. You need to move the box.
  • Urination behavior can happen because the social conflicts between your cats. Your cat can change her behavior just because a new cat, too.

If you do not find any solutions on how to keep a cat from spraying and you do not have any idea about the cause of the spraying, it is important to talk to your vet. She can tell you about any heath issues. It is an emergency if there are urinary blocks. Don’t forget, to see other article : How To Stop Male Cats From Spraying.