Ear Mite Medicine For Cats That Work And The Prevention

Ear Mites Treatment for Cat
Ear Mites Treatment for Cat

Otodectes Cynotis is the common type of ear mites in cats. It can grow in cats’ ear with its tiny and eight-legged body. Actually, there are several types of these parasites. They feed on the wax as well as the oils in all cats’ ear canal. The life cycle of a single mite is about three weeks. Even the parasite is visible. Ear mite medicine for cats is crucial since it causes irritation, inflammation, infection to the external and internal canal, as well as more serious ear infection when you do not treat it.

How Do Ear Mites Live In Cat’s Ear?

Well, it is contagious. In another word, when a pet infected by the parasites, it can pass to other pet in casual contact. Ear mites are 50% of the reason why all feline have ear infections.

Ear Mite Medicine For Cats – Best Ear Mites Treatment

The first thing you can do to start the treatment as the part of ear mite medicine for cats is that to bring the cat to your vet. There, you will get an accurate diagnosis. The vet will take the ear discharge as the sample and evaluate it by using a microscope. We do not recommend you to do self-diagnosis because some types of the bacterial infections can lead to the symptoms of the ear mites. Below is the common treatment for ear mite :

1.    Products your vet can prescribe

The possible way to treat cats with ear mites is that to ask your vet about products he can prescribe. You can apply the products directly to the ear. Alternatively, your vet can recommend you to take any medications applied on your cat’s skin.

2.    Use cotton and an ear cleanser

If your cat’s ear comes with a build-up of debris because the infection, you can start having cotton as well as an ear cleanser to clean it. Of course, you cannot work alone. Besides, you need your vet to help, especially if your cat has a high level of temperament and high-security level.

Ear Mite Medicine For Cats
Ear Mite Medicine For Cats

3.    Medicated ear drops

Again, your vet has the big role here. He can prescribe any medicated ear drops. Another option he may offer is an antibiotic to deal with the infections.

4.    Complete the treatment above

By doing these treatments, it should bring a big result that now your cat feels relief. However, it is important for you to complete the full treatment process to make sure that the full eradication is complete.

The Prevention

If you do not want ear mite to come back, it is better for you to clean your cat’s ear routinely. In addition, it helps you to avoid any early problems in the future. Make sure that you clean his bedding as well as checking other pets to make sure that there is no infestation. Ear mite medicine for cats should be done immediately because it can develop into something more serious such as skin infection, intense scratching, head shaking, as well as aural hematoma, which means that your cat needs surgery to deal with the problems.