Choosing The Best Food For Your Cat (Age, Appropriate Diets, And Food Label)

How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat
How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat

Choosing the best food for your cat is something important that we encourage you, as the cat owners to take your new cats to vet for a complete evaluation. Your vet is the best source to get the nutritional advice. There are many options available when it comes to cat food. Therefore, we have to see our cat’s specific needs before going with a feeding program. Here, we provide you a complete guideline to start.

Choosing The Best Food For Your Cat Based On Age

There are three life stages of cats, from kitten, adult or maintenance years, to senior. The life stage is important, because it can be the big factor to determine about the best diet plan for your cats. You should choose the right food that can meet the nutritional requirements based on the age. A wrong consideration surely will lead to some potential health problems.


At this age, kittens need a high level of protein and fat. These are important to develop strong muscles, teeth, and bones. At this life stage, kittens are more active compared to older cats. They convert calories quickly into energy.

Choosing The Best Food For Your Cat
Choosing The Best Food For Your Cat

Adult Cats

At this age, you should give a lower-calorie diet to control their weight. When cats are overweight, it may leads to some problems like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. They need the calorie content and higher protein or fat diet when they are pregnant or nursing.

Senior Cats

Choosing the best food for senior cats mean that you should choose a low-fat diet with high level of digestible proteins. This is essential to make the kidney performance easier.

Choosing The Best Food For Your Cat Based On The Label

Vet recommended cat food brands, that is why you should visit vet  anytime you want to offer a new food for your cat. Of course, your cats need a healthy diet as the best defense for a long life and free from any disease. The nutritional requirements for cats are simple. You only have to read the label of the food you choose.
Some basic ingredients should be on the top :

  • Protein: It can be from an identified meat, poultry source and fish. (You should seek for food with “beef”, “lamb”, “turkey”, “tuna”, “chicken”. Not just meat product or meat)
  • Taurine, an essential amino acid
  • Vitamins,  enzymes, minerals, and fatty acids
  • Water

A good quality brands will only offer less artificial preservatives as well as cheap fillers. Preservatives are added only to keep the food fresh. Keep in mind that you should always check the expiration date.

How To Choose The Right Food For Your Awesome Cat
How To Choose The Right Food For Your Awesome Cat

Choosing The Best Food For Your Cat – The Ingredients To Avoid

When you are about choosing the best food for your cat, never go with any ingredients as below :

  • “Byproducts”, “animal digest”, or “meat/bone meat”
  • Added sugars
  • Corn Meal
  • Excessive carbohydrate fillers
  • Potentially dangerous chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, propyl gallate, ethoxyquin)

Many cat nutritionists recommend the combination of dry and canned food for cats. Cat food offers variety with water, while dry food is convenient for self-feeding. Your cats should consume the canned food quickly. You should also throw open canned food out after three days even though you refrigerate it to avoid the bacterial contamination.