How To Prevent Cats From Scratching – When your cat often scratches furniture in your home, you may want to know about how to prevent cats from scratching. Actually, scratching is normal activity of cat. You don’t have to worry because of it. There are also easy ways to stop cats from scratching. Find the ways to stop and prevent cats from scratching by reading the information below. Cats and Scratching As mentioned before, scratching […]

Curing mites requires you to be patient and quick, especially about how to cure ear mites in cats. Ear mites in cats can be detected if you find your cat scratching its ear frequently, even the scratching can cause scar or wound. It is mandatory to know what you should do if your cats have ear mites. Immediate response and medication can save your cat from mites’ attack and prevent them to jump into another […]

How To Keep A Cat From Spraying – It is important to know why your cat has urine marking when you have trained her to use her litter box. If she continues marking at any place and she does not want to use the litter box, it is the sign of something goes wrong. It can be because she does not like the litter box (such as the location or the environment). Your focus should […]

How To Stop Male Cats From Spraying – All cats neutered or not male or female have urine spraying to mark their territory. It is the sign of their stressful situation. At that time, they spray urine to higher their self-assurance, dealing with the emotional stress and it is also the part of their strategy to relax. How to stop male cats from spraying helps you to train your cats, help and stop them for […]

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