Cat Heartworm Medicine And The Right Prevention Method

Heartworm Prevention for Cat
Heartworm Prevention for Cat

It is easier and safer to keep our cats free of heartworms. When we have to deal with cat heartworm medicine, we would be disappointed because we did not choose the cheaper way; take the prevention medication. Well, it is crucial to support your cat with heartworm prevention properly for you and your cat’s safety.

Cat Heartworm Medicine Without A Vet – Does It Okay?

No, you cannot take any cat heartworm medicine without a supervision of your vet. His advice is important for you and your cat. In addition, he can recommend you to purchase the right dosage for your cat. If you have to give the medicine, you should at least understand about the age, the weight, and the health status of your cat. Therefore, you cannot give any medicine without a vet.

A vet also works to test whether your cat has heartworms or not. After that, he will give you a prescription for a preventive if the result is negative. There are some preventive medications you can take for your cat to give multiple benefits such as to control the intestinal parasites as well as the external parasites. Besides, it works to prevent heartworms.

1.    Oral Medications

Today, there are many oral medications for heartworm preventive medications with the main ingredients of milbemycin and ivermectin. Many vets have used Ivermectin for decades to prevent the disease in cats. The side effects are rare if it is given to your cat at the right dosage. Based on the reports, some reactions are diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of coordination.

Cat Heartworm Medicine
Cat Heartworm Medicine

Your cat is allergic to Ivermectin if he is itching, swelling of the face, hives, and seizures or shocks. Therefore, you have to observe your cat after giving the medicine because there may be a sudden sensitivity.

2.    Topical Heartworm Medications

Topical, known as the spot-on medications can prevent heartworms, ticks, mites, fleas, and others. It depends on the brand you choose; your cat will be free from many parasites, both external and internal with all-in-one application per month.

Selamectin and Moxidectin can absorb the cat’s skin and collect it in the oil glands, right beneath the skin. The drug dispenses go over the time to protect the cat.

If you want to apply these medications, you should apply it carefully. Avoid applying it on your skin, get it on your skin and let it in your eyes. You should also separate the area between the shoulder blades just to find the skin beneath. After that, you can apply it directly to the skin, not the fur.

Do not forget to wash your hands anytime you do these medications. If not, you should wear disposable gloves to make sure that your skin has no contact at all. Follow the label instructions carefully. To do this treatment, you should keep your cat at home for about 30 minutes. Besides, you should not bring it close to other animals as well as children. If you have many cats, make sure that other cats do not groom the treated cat.

Moreover, this cat heartworm medicine has some possible side effects such as drooling, panting, vomiting, diarrhea and trembling. For cats with the allergic reaction to this medication, it shows a similar reaction as ivermectin. Some cat owners also reported about hair loss during the treatment.