Best Hairball Remedy For Cats

Cat Hairball
Cat Hairball

Best Hairball Remedy for Cats – It is pretty common for long hair cats to suffer from hairball or trichobezoar. That’s why you must know the best hairball remedy for cats. Knowing the best remedy for this condition is very handy when you need to help your cats dealing with this problem.

Understanding hairball in cats

Cats can suffer from hairball because they like grooming themselves. When they are doing it, their tongue catches loose hair and swallows it. In most cases, the loose hair will pass through the cats’ digestive system without any problems.

Best Hairball Remedy for Cats

But, some hair gets stuck in the cats’ stomach and form a hairball. Your cats usually will vomit the trapped hairball. Unfortunately, they are not always successful in trying to vomit it. This can cause life-threatening obstruction.

Symptoms of hairball :

  • Retching, gagging, and vomiting with no hairball coming out
  • Constipation
  • Lack of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy

You need to get worried if your cat cannot bring up the hairball after three tries. In addition, you must do something if your cats have hairball several times a week. If you detect hairball symptoms, you must give the best hairball remedy for cats immediately. Immediate treatment can help your cats avoid a more serious condition.

Remedy for cats with hairball

One of the best hairball solutions for cats is grooming your cats regularly. Regular grooming will minimize the chance of your cats catching loose hair. You can comb your cats’ hair every day to minimize it. This will not only help your cats avoiding hairball. But, it will also make your cats have stronger bond with you.

Best Hairball Remedy for Cats
Best Hairball Remedy for Cats

Another way to help your cats getting rid hairball is by feeding them the right foods. Foods that are high in fiber can help the hairball to pass through the stomach and intestine smoothly. Some experts recommend you to add carrot, sweet potato, and apples in your cats’ diet. If your cats dislike fruits and vegetables, you can shop for high fiber cat foods formulated for cats with hairball.

To get rid of hairball, you can give laxative to your cats. There are choices of mild laxative products to treat your cats’ condition. This particular laxative will move the hairball out of the digestive tract. If you are not sure about laxative products for cat, you can choose herbal remedy. One of them is slippery elm. It is made of tree bark. The recommended daily dose is 1/8 teaspoon. Add this dose of slippery elm to your cat’s meal and your cat will get hairball relief.

Hairball Remedy For Cats
Hairball Remedy For Cats

Aside from helping the hairball move out of your cat’s digestive system, you need to discourage grooming. To help your cats stop grooming themselves excessively, you can give them new toys. Teach them to play with the toys so that they forget about keeping themselves clean. Moreover, you need to spend more time playing with them. In consequence, they have less time in grooming.

With the best hairball remedy for cats above, you don’t need to clean your cats’ hairball. Moreover, it will free your cats from this annoying condition.