Best Cat Flea Treatment Walmart You Should Know

Walmart offers several products to complete your cat. One of them is about Cat Flea Treatment Walmart. You cannot treat cat flea naturally. Even though you have a flea shampoo, it is not enough. There are several best products about flea treatment for cats available in Walmart as below.

1. Advantage II Flea & Tick Treatment (6 Treatments) For Large Cats

It is a topical flea prevention and treatment you can use for your cats. This product is the ideal choice if your cats are about 8 weeks or older. Besides, the weight of your cats should be more than 9 lbs.

This six-month supply treatment can kill even about 98 to 100% of fleas as well as the larvae in just 12 hours. The product can kill the re-infesting fleas in 2 hours. It is the right treatment to break the life cycle of the flea. Keep in mind that you should only apply it t the back of the necks of your cats. To do that, you can spread it on their skin surface naturally at the hair root level. This is a water-resistant flea medication so that it can kill fleas even though you are shampooing your cat, exposure the cat to sunlight or rain and it would not be gone when your cat is swimming. However, you should not use it on dogs.

It is the ideal choice if you want to kill all flea life stages by using a safe product for cats and kittens about eight weeks and older. The body movement provides the whole body coverage and the water formula makes it still effective after rain or bathing.

2. Capstar Flea Treatment (6 Counts) For Dogs and Cats

This Cat Flea Treatment Walmart can be your next option to get rid of pest with their six-count package. In addition, it is available for cats and dogs flea treatment. The product is FDA-approved and it is effective for pets with the weight between 2 and 25 lbs. You can choose it if you want an easy-to-swallow tablet for the flea treatment.

You can give a single dose of the tablets to kill the adult fleas on your pets. It is safe for you to give another dose as often, once per day if your pets get re-infected with the fleas. You should read the package insert to get more information. It is safe for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens at least 2 pounds of the bodyweight.

Therefore, it is important for you to weigh your pets first before administrating the medicine to have the proper dosage. This oral treatment is also safe for pregnant and breeding pets. It starts working in 30 minutes with the range of effectiveness about 90% to kill adult fleas. On dogs, it goes within four hours and on cats, it goes within six hours. It is the ideal choice to provide a management system to deal with fleas.

Those are all several Cat Flea Treatment Walmart options available for your cats. Before taking any options, it is better for you to talk to your vet so she can recommend you the right option for your cats.