Best Cat Deworming Medicine And The Procedure

Best over the Counter Cat Dewormer
Best over the Counter Cat Dewormer

Can you imagine if you think of worms growing in your lovely cat’s gut? Well, it is something serious. It can make your cat sick because worms prevent his body to absorb all nutrients. Therefore, you should help your cat with the best cat deworming medicine. For example, you can support your cat with a regular worming program. This is important to make sure that he gains his health.

Setting Up The Schedule

Until your cat is around four months, he needs to get worming schedule for every two weeks. It is because, at this age, your cat picks up worms even easily. Meanwhile, it can be difficult to combat the worms. Besides, your cat has to deal with several serious health effects. Once your cat starts growing up, he would not want to get any deworming treatment too often.

If you have an outdoor cat that loves to hunt and expose to fleas as well as ticks, you should worm him for every two or three months. Unlike an outdoor cat, an indoor cat only needs to get deworming for every six months. It is because they have a different living situation. If you do not know the frequency to worm your adult cat, you can ask your vet.

Best Over The Counter Cat Dewormer

1.    Pills

At first, we may think that it is not an ideal choice because it is not easy to help your cat to take a pill. Your dogs probably do not know when you hide a pill in his food, but the case is different if you do it to your cat. If you have no other ways instead of using a pill, you can use a pill shooter to make sure that your cat swallows the pill. It is better for you to stay there with your cat for 30 minutes to make sure that he did not spit it out. However, you may need another person to hold him.

2.    Paste

The next cat deworming medicine is by using paste-worming medication. It is not easy to give it to your cats, but we can say that it is easier than the first option. All that you have to do is to follow the dosing instructions from the manufacturer, including turning a knob on the syringe with the paste based on the weight of your cat.

Best Cat Deworming Medicine
Best Cat Deworming Medicine

Hold his mouth open and then insert the syringe right behind the back teeth. After that, you can press the plunger so the paste is well deposited on the back of his tongue. If you put so far, your cat may choke. Make sure that you watch your cat so he really swallows the paste.

3.    Spot treatments

It is an external treatment as the choice if you cannot try the options above. Again, you should follow the instructions from manufacturer to apply it, such as the dosage to place few drops of solution on his fur, right between his shoulder blades. However, this treatment can be more expensive compared to pills and pastes.

Cat Deworming Medicine – Things To Considers

Cat deworming medicine is important to save his life. You only have to treat your cat with worming medication designed for cats. Please, you should not use any de-wormer for dogs or puppies because it can be too strong for your cat. We recommend you to visit your vet if your cat looks bad.