The Three Methods Of Allergy Test For Cats

Allergy Testing in Cats
Allergy Testing in Cats

It can be allergies when your cat scratches in every spring incessantly. It is not good to go with the repeated steroid treatments. Therefore, it is better for you to find the cause of the allergic. If you can find it, surely you have the right medication to reduce the allergies so your cats are healthy and happy. It is good to consider the allergy test for cats.

Elimination Diet Trial Test – Allergy Test For Cats

At this time, there are three most common methods to determine what your cat is allergic. If the allergy is because of the cat’s diet, it is important to have elimination diet trial to know about the food that makes your cat allergic. In fact, food allergies show the repeated exposure to the allergic substance. Therefore, when you feed your pet with a diet that contains the items your pet never exposed to it, you can diagnose the allergy.

There are some prescription diets on the counter with the purpose to assist you in diagnosing as well as treating food allergies. There are various substances in these diets such as kangaroo, rabbit, lamb, duck, whitefish, potato, and venison. If your pet can improve with the elimination diet, it means that they have a food allergy. However, if you find itchiness reoccur, you can determine the cause of the allergy so that you should avoid feeding the substance.

On the contrary, there are some disadvantages when you start having elimination diet trial to your cats. You must discipline and diligent not to feed your cat with anything, instead of the prescription diet. There are no more options available. Besides, you need to spend about weeks to months to diagnose your cats. Through this period, the elimination trial is possible to determine that the allergy is not connected to the food. In addition, you should not use steroids and your cat can be very itchy.

Intradermal Skin Test

If the first test is not effective and the reason is that the allergen is not from their food, you can take this second test. To do this test, you should go with a vet or an expertise to find the result accurately. Besides, to perform the test, you should discontinue all the allergy test for cats for few weeks or month.

Allergy Test For Cats
Allergy Test For Cats

To start the intradermal skin test, you shave a patch of hair and apply small markings on the skin with a specific pattern. At the mark, inject a specific substance that can lead to allergic. After 24 to 48 hours, examine the skin to see the sign of allergy.

Serum-Based Test

By taking blood tests, you can detect the allergies. A very simple test does not need special expertise. The disadvantage tests can lead to the false positives. As a result, the treatment for allergy does not exist.

To do the test, you should measure the specific immune substance, IgE in their blood. If the IgE level is increased in a relation to the allergic substance, the cat is allergic to this substance. However, this test does not have enough accuracy because it does not mean that the increased level of IgE in their blood can be the sign of the allergic reaction.

Allergy test for cats can determine the culprit of the allergy. Once you find it, you can formulate the specific treatment.